A Living Legacy

By Cindy Dahlin, Church Administrator

Weren’t we just discussing gardening, and spring, and pruning?!  Now we are already back in the cycle of transitional seasons and cutting back and turning over all the work that went into our spring gardens. The repetitive work of the seasons is actually quite affirming of God’s promises and faithfulness. The dirt, the plants, the trees, our vegetable garden – they all belong to Him. We are just called to steward them the very best we can.

Many of you may have noticed the recent landscaping on the left side of the church’s main front door entrance. It was a labor of love done this summer by Michael Schrotz as a thank you to all that the Sternbergs have given to all that knew them.

The Sternbergs knew their responsibility to be good stewards of all that God had given them and took that responsibility to heart. Meta and her husband, Ralph, were charter members of PCJH, faithful volunteers for just about anything they were asked to participate in, and an incredibly strong couple in their unwavering faith – even after losing two of their sons, Eddie and Bruce,  in tragic accidents in Teton County. They were pillars of strength.

Meta’s passionate interest in horticulture led to establishing the Greenleaf Garden Club to encourage interest in home gardening and to promote civic beauty and conservation. Between 1990 and 2010 a great deal was learned about growing things in Wyoming, and the club fostered many lifelong friendships and the aesthetic desire to bring beauty to Jackson Hole.  Club members planted some of the first trees in Miller Park. She beautified Jackson Hole by allowing her passion to rule her works.

 It was Meta’s vision to have our courtyard off the sanctuary cleaned and planted for use – which has also come to fruition. The Welcome Benches in the courtyard were a gift to us from Meta. She also dreamed up the Peach Sale, which the community has been enjoying now for over 20 years.

We thank you, Meta, for having the desire to give thanks to God for all He has given us by honoring Him with the glory of nature. And we thank you, Michael Schrotz, for the labor of love you gave PCJH in the peaceful and ongoing tribute out front of our building.

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