We celebrate with you your decision to be married and we pray God’s blessing for you as you join your lives together. Our pastors do weddings inside our beautiful church facility as well as in God’s magnificent creation. If you would like to consider Pastor Ben or Pastor Tammy to conduct your wedding celebration, please contact the church office.

Christian marriage. As Christian ministers we do Christian marriage celebrations. We encourage everyone to consider the role that faith needs to play within a marriage and a family.

Pre-marriage counseling. We desire all couples married by the staff of this church to arrange for pre-marriage counseling.

There are fees for the use of PCJH’s facilities. Our Church Administrator would be glad to discuss those fees and the availability of our facility with you. Please contact Brian Bultema directly at or (307) 734-0388.


The loss of the life of a loved one is always a traumatic time within a family. Life is a gift from God. As the 2nd chapter of Genesis tells us, “God formed man from the dust of the ground and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life and the man became a living being” (7). A memorial service/funeral is a time to celebrate the life that has returned to God’s presence.

PCJH is honored to serve in the healing process by making our facility available for the remembering and celebrating of life. Our pastors work with each family to construct a worshipful celebration that will honor the individual and comfort family and friends.

Generally there are no fees demanded for the use of the facility. Donations are gladly accepted to cover our expenses and to assist with others who may be less fortunate.

If the family desires special participants in the service such as pianist and/or soloist, these individuals may desire remuneration for their services. Such arrangements can be made through our Worship Coordinator, Laura Huckin. Please email Brian Bultema at to begin this process.

Rental Space

Our Sanctuary, Chapel, Lobby, Hayden Fellowship Hall, Adult Classrooms and Commercial Kitchen are all available for reasonable rental rates throughout the year to the entire community. Please consider our space for birthdays, meetings, or weddings. We offer ample parking and members receive a 15% discount. Many of the spaces have projection and AV capabilities.

Please view our Rental Contract and contact our Church Administrator, Brian, with any questions, or to book a space, at or (307) 734-0388.

I rejoiced with those who said to me, “Let us go to the house of the Lord.” ~Psalm 122:1

Nearly every day of the week we have adult, children or youth ministry events at PCJH. There is always something special happening - hope to see you soon!

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