New for 2021-22 School Year...

PCJH offers an exciting after-school program now Monday through Friday for preschool through 5th grade students, where students acquire skills, develop relationships, and grow in their faith, facilitated by trained, caring Christian leaders. Students are picked up directly from school before either going on adventures throughout Jackson Hole or participating in fun, enriching activities on church grounds!

Growing Skills

After-School Adventures offers an environment in which children are encouraged to explore new activities and can join to celebrate each other’s accomplishments. Through a variety of afternoon adventures, age appropriate challenges and positive coaching and feedback, students will develop new interests, master activities and gain confidence along with important social skills such as cooperation and problem solving.

Growing Character

After-School Adventures staff strive to help each child develop a stronger understanding of self, as well as a greater concern for others. Through purposeful and playful teaching in both small and large group activities, students are guided in ways that develop personal responsibility, respect, fairness, honesty and resiliency. Abundant encouragement and positive affirmation reinforce these essential traits.

Growing Relationships

Meaningful and consistent connections with caring staff offer children wholesome role models and positive affirmation. In turn, staff members guide students to expand their “friend-making” and “friend-keeping” skills with peers.

Growing Faith

It is our passion to help students understand that they are valued by God simply for who they are. Through Bible stories, songs, practical application and especially teachable moments, students learn more about God’s love.
Here is what a typical day looks like at After-School Adventures:

Pick up from school
Arrive at PCJH
Snack & Biblical Discovery
Activity #1
Activity #2
Pick up
*Please note that activity times and order are subject to change. Once or twice a month we will go on an adventure in the greater Jackson Hole area and will be back to the church by 5:15 for pick up.
For K-5 Student only! Pick up from Munger Mountain (3:00pm), Jackson Elementary (3:05pm), Wilson School (2:55pm), and Colter Elementary (2:45pm) will be at dismissal. An ASA staff member will meet students at the entrance of the school and will drive a white church bus or van to bring students safely back to PCJH. We will also pick up from the JH Classical Academy and Mountain Academy.
Tuition for all students will be $25 per day for K-5th grade students and $20 per day for Little Lambs preschool and Pre-K students. Full tuition is due at registration to reserve a spot. Payment plans and scholarship applications are available upon request. Sibling discount of 10% will be applied to additional siblings enrolled .
We will operate Monday through Friday during the 2021-22 School Year (Following TCSD calendar)
September 7th through October 29th: Registration opens July 1st, 2021
November 1st through December 17th: Registration opens October 1st, 2021
January 3rd through March 25th: Registration opens December 1st, 2021
April 11th through June 10th: Registration opens March 1st, 2021
Students will be grouped by age/grade and placed with a leader skilled and experienced in that particular group. The capacity for each group is eight students. Activities will be differentiated and designed appropriately for each age group.
Preschool and Pre-K Group (ages 3-5 YO)
Kindergarten through 2nd Grade (ages 5-8 YO)
3rd Grade through 5th Grade (ages 8-11 YO)

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