Bring a Friend Sunday Coming Your Way!

March 6th will be a special Sunday, and we want you there!

WHO: Any member, friend, attender of the PCJH Family!  That’s YOU reading this email!

WHAT and WHEN: Bring a Friend to Church Sunday, followed by lunch in Hayden Hall at 11:30am.

WHY: As a church community rooted in Christ and reaching out in love, we want to focus on the latter and r-e-a-c-h out intentionally to invite our friends. Christ calls us to love our neighbor, and loving neighbor can certainly include inviting, and bringing, a friend to church to feel included, loved, and lifted up!

QUESTIONS or to VOLUNTEER: Deb Keenan, Worship Team Member (email for Deb’s contact info). Help needed with greeting and table set up and serving- even 20 minutes of time will go a long way!

Who is the Lord stirring for you to invite and bring with you to church?  Who is ready for the warmth of a church community to welcome them as they sing and receive inspiration from Paster Ben and Tammy?  Is there a neighbor on your heart?  Someone at work? A friend or family you used to see regularly pre-pandemic?  Are there a few people on your heart?  Extend the invitation!  Someone new-ish to Jackson who is searching for community? An older friend, younger friend or peer? Ask the Lord and allow the Holy Spirit to nudge you to action!

This is NOT a membership drive or anything – just a wonderful and fun opportunity for us to live out our call as PCJH Family to invite, include, and reach out in love.  Especially now, as we emerge from Omicron, we want to gather.  We are made in God’s Image, and God is a triune community o of Father, Son and Holy Spirit.  No wonder it feels good to be together and be with folks!

Consider picking up your friend and bringing them with you in your car.  It can be intimidating to walk into a church for the first time, or after a long time away.  Or, if you live in different directions, rendezvous in the parking lot at a set spot (near the playground, for example) and walk in, side my side, shoulder to shoulder.

If you are nervous…if you are shy….if you are timid about this, call or text me (my # is in the church directory, or email the PCJH office).  I totally get it! Consider me your “Hype Girl” to help you grow your Christ-confidence to extend this invitation for fun and then fellowship and food afterwards!   This is a casual and fun opportunity to be Christ’s hands and feet – don’t miss it!

“Let us not give up the goodness of meeting together, as some are in the habit of doing, but encouraging one another….!” (Hebrews 10:25).

And, on March 6th, make sure you bring YOU!  That’s right: YOU who are reading this email right now: come with or without a friend and stay for lunch!

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