Church on the Mountain

Last winter, PCJH had the honor of partnering with A Christian Ministry in the National Parks (ACMNP) and Jackson Hole Mountain Resort for the first time to offer worship services every Sunday at the top of the Bridger Gondola. 2018-19 leaders Kayla and Callie did an incredible job pioneering this unique ministry location, inviting locals and tourists, coworkers, skiers and snowboarders, believers and anyone interested into worship, praising Jesus through music and messages overlooking the snowy mountain slopes and valley.

This year, we are overjoyed to welcome Ashley, Olive, and Annie, three post-grad women devoted to Jesus with a passion to share His love and Gospel message. They will lead worship and give sermons Sundays at JHMR, as well as serve, love and witness to the coworkers and friends God leads them to.

Ashley writes, “My name is Ashley Simmons, I’m 26, and just moved here to Jackson from Apex, North Carolina. This is my first time living out west and I’m loving the beautiful, snowy mountains in my backyard! I’m really excited to be participating with ACMNP this winter season in Jackson. I have a huge heart for missions and loving people where they’re at. My hope is that people who come to our 9:30am Sunday worship services at Rendezvous Lodge feel welcomed, known, and loved, and that they also have an authentic encounter with Jesus. I want to see a revival within the American Church, including here in Jackson, Wyoming, of God’s people intimately knowing Him, passionately pursuing Him, and enthusiastically worshipping Him.”

Callie Gartland served at JHMR last winter season with ACMNP and has returned to work at the Village this winter, this time as a Ministry Support Committee member. In her words, “ACMNP gave me an incredible reason to explore God’s creation. It opened up doors I didn’t even know existed, and led me to relationships I now couldn’t live without. I had the opportunity to lead worship services in the winter of 2018-2019, and it was incredible to see new faces every week and get to give visitors a slice of our story. I am so excited to be on the other side of it now, to attend the services and really devote 100% to relational ministry in employee housing and at work.”

We are thrilled to witness how God works through Olive, Ashley and Annie this winter in their ministry, and we ask that you support them by lifting them and their mission up in prayer, and by attending a Gondola worship service this season!

Services at the top of the Gondola, led by Ashley, Olive and Annie, will begin Sunday, December 22, and will continue through JHMR’s 2019-20 season.

To learn more about the nonprofit organization A Christian Ministry in the National Parks (one of PCJH’s mission partners!), click here:

Kayla and Callie leading Sunday worship at the top of the Gondola last winter.

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