Insights From Abroad

Insights, Quandaries, and Hilarities, Episode 3
by Addie Pascal


One too many meltdowns in the last month had Ben and I hell bent on finding a playground for our kids to just run, without risk of being hit by a car/donkey/bajaj/motorcycle or just simply losing them into an unmarked abyss on the sidewalk.

After consulting the guidebook, Father Ubald’s niece directed us to a little place called Bambino Supercity. Her younger sister liked playing there and it’s where all the cool Kigali parents take their kids for entertainment, so what did we have to lose? They had a pool, a restaurant and a playground. Sounded like a trifecta of fun if you ask me. We packed our suits and headed out for a little afternoon of lunch and carefree, unstructured playtime.

So. I thought I was winning this summer by missing the county fair. I know, I know. The fair is nostalgic and patriotic and there is something special about smelling seeing the fattest pig. But I don’t have much confidence in the ride “technicians.” I mean, how do I know they were properly trained to put those things together? Is there an inspection process? Are there safety procedures for would-be malfunctions? One missing piece and my child could be flung into orbit in one of those rusty metal cages, their only companions likely to be tetanus or MRSA or maybe some lice clinging to the frayed harnesses. And who doesn’t love spending their life savings on reconstituted lemonade and deep-fried doughnuts? At least the deep fryer probably kills all the salmonella.

As I was saying. I thought I had cashed out on the fair this year…”

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