JOY Summer Camp 2020

We are a GO for Summer 2020!

Enrollment capacities are greatly reduced.  Please call (307) 734-0388 for availability and for more information on how we are reducing risk during the coronavirus pandemic.

The mission of JOY Summer Camp is to provide a fun, safe, faith-based environment where campers can acquire skills, develop friendships, and grow spiritually through imaginative play and by experiencing God’s creation in Jackson Hole.

More About JOY Camp

Here is what a typical day looks like at JOY:

8:45-9:15am: Arrival and Check-In
9:15am: Opening Ceremonies
9:30am: Snack and Bible Discovery
10:15am: Morning Activity #1
11:15am: Morning Activity #2
12:15pm: Lunch
1:15pm: Afternoon Activity #1
2:15pm: Afternoon Activity #2
3:15pm: Closing Ceremonies
3:30pm: Pick Up

There is some creative variation in the daily schedule for special events.
Before and After Care is offered and extends the day to start at 8:00am and pick up to 5:30pm on Monday through Thursday and 4:30pm on Fridays. The added cost for Before and After Care is $15/day.
All campers will experience a wide range of outdoor activities when attending JOY Summer Camp. These activities will include:

Arts and Crafts
Target Sports
Nature Exploration
Balance Biking
Adventure Games
Singing and Storytelling
Water Activities
Silly Science
All Camp Games
Adventure Days to local lakes, unique Jackson Hole opportunities, GTNP and BTNF
Campers 6-11 years old will have the opportunity to participate in more advanced activities such as:

Rock Climbing and Bouldering
Extended Nature Explorations
Frisbee Golf
Paddle Boarding
JOY Jr. (Ages 3-5):
Weekly: $320
Monday-Wednesday-Friday: $240
Tuesday-Thursday: $160
JOY (Entering 1st-5th grade):
Weekly: $330
Monday-Wednesday-Friday: $240
Tuesday-Thursday: $160


Early Bird: If you register between February 1st and 29 the weekly rates will drop by $10.
Sibling Discounts: Parents/guardians who have more than one child attending will receive a 10% discount off additional sibling prices.
Multiple Week Discount: Price for weekly rates drops by $15 after the first week. (i.e. the first week a JOY Jr. camper is enrolled will cost $320, all other weeks enrolled will cost $305 for that camper)
Our goal is to make our JOY Summer Camps available to all children from 3-14 years old here in Jackson Hole. We partner with ONE22, a local non-profit that provides an application process for families needing financial help for summer camps in Teton County. If you would like your child to attend but our rates are outside of your budget, please do not hesitate to contact us or ONE22. You can download the applications in both English and Spanish on their website here:
Jackson Hole is an area rich in history with a deep sense of community. Campers at JOY Summer Camp will experience these great attributes by exploring or playing alongside many community centered organizations in Jackson Hole such as:

A variety of JH Museums
Raptor Center
WY Stargazing
Friends of Pathways
Center for the Arts
National Park Service
Bridger-Teton National Forest
Among many more!
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JOY 2020 Weekly Themes!

Week 1 (June 22-26)


Join us as we explore an island full of fun unicorns, pirates, fairies and all other sort of fairy tale creatures!  Let your imaginations run wild!

Week 2 (June 29-July 3)


The carnival comes to JOY along with characters from your favorite comics looking for help to rid the world of evil! Come and join in the fun and excitement as we play carnival games with your favorite comic characters!

Week 3 (July 6-10)


Lions and Tigers and Bears...Oh My!  Ever want to explore the wild? Build an amazing fort in the outdoors?  Our world class survival characters will help you tame the wild while having loads of fun!

Week 4 (July 13-17)


If you love to play games then this week will not disappoint.  Board and video game characters, as well as TV game show hosts will come to life as JOY transforms into a world of games! Turn off your devices and live it out with us this week!

Week 5 (July 20-24)


Want to know what will happen in the future?  Ever met a T-Rex? Want to explore with Louis and Clarke?  Well this is the week for you! Join us for an adventure like no other as we travel through time!

Week 6 (July 27-31)


The Olympics are coming to JOY and we are ready to light the torch and start some competitions you may recognize and some that you may not!  Join us this week to jump higher, run faster, and laugh louder!

Week 7 (August 3-7) Weekly Only!


Come cool off the entire week with us as we bounce, squirt, slide, and swim our way through a wet and wild week of water! We will explore some of the watery places in the valley and learn how fun it can really be! All campers may earn a Wacky Water Badge at the end of the week!

Week 8 (August 10-14) Weekly Only!


Calling all budding sleuths! JOY Summer Camp needs your help the entire week to solve some of the greatest mysteries and riddles of the valley!  You never know who will show up or who did it...unless you come to camp! All campers may earn a Super Sleuth Badge at the end fo the week!

Week 9 (August 17-21) Weekly Only!


Join us this entire week to sneak around, tackle, topple, jump over, and conquer some pretty awesome obstacle courses all over the JOY campus.  How fast can you ninja warrior your way through our courses? All campers may earn an Obstacle Warrior Badge at the end of the week!


We’re here to make JOY Summer Camp the best camp experience for all! We have three top priorities.

First, Fun: And where better to have fun than outside? The vast majority of activities are held either on the church grounds, throughout Jackson Hole, or in the nearby National Park and Forests. Who knows, one may see campers steal stolen pirate treasure, fly a spaceship to another planet, or help the superhero take back the town.

Second, Safety: When a camper feels safe, they are more willing to take healthy risks and therefore grow as a person. All camp staff are well trained and equipped to ensure a safe environment for the campers.

Third, Faith-Based: Our staff and program are rooted in the Christian faith. We rely on God who provides strength, community, stability, and accountability. We hope and pray campers see Christ-like examples in our staff and programming. Through our daily devotionals and experiences in God’s creation, campers leave each day filled with awe, joy, and God’s love.

Growth & Connections

Growth can come in many ways and through many experiences. We focus on these areas of growth.

Skills: Campers develop essential life skills such as responsibility, respect, integrity, and resiliency. Technological toys stay at home and are replaced with creative and imaginative play. Campers pick up collaboration, critical thinking, and social skills.

Relationships: Making new friends can be difficult throughout our lives and keeping good friends even more so. Camp is a fantastic place to acquire and develop these relationships. Campers connect with staff and other campers and grow in their relationship skills.

Faith: There is no better place than Jackson Hole to see God. Campers learn about God and Christ’s great love for them, not only through creation, but also in each other, the staff, through Bible stories, songs, and teachable moments.

Flock Groups: Each day campers are grouped into “Flocks,” consisting of 6-8 campers, which are purposefully arranged by age and/or grade level so as to provide optimal friendship and skill building. A qualified counselor is assigned to each Flock Group for the whole week. In addition, other trained, certified activity leaders accompany the Flock Groups for specialized activities, i.e. adventure games, arts and crafts, and nature hikes.

Shared Experiences: Each week, campers experience many amazing and unique natural wonders in this valley. Campers explore our awe-inspiring landscape through bike rides, horsemanship, hikes, and a variety of other activities. Campers also enjoy Jackson’s great attributes by working or playing alongside community-centered organizations.

For Parents

Camp vs Care: We aspire to create exciting and fulfilling experiences for each camper, where they not only have fun but grow in skills, relationships, and faith. Each activity, both large and small, has a purpose and deeper meaning which are designed to build upon each other throughout their time at camp. The more participation in camp, the more opportunity for growth. We strongly encourage weeklong participation. That said, summertime often provides scheduling challenges for families. So, in addition to a weekly option, we offer two daily alternatives, which maintains both consistency in our program and provides scheduling flexibility for families.

Daily Options include: Monday/Wednesday/ Friday and Tuesday/Thursday Subjected to availability. JOY Summer Camp uses a unique software specifically designed for JOY Camp. Parents may sign into their CampInTouch account to make payments, check balances, sign a form, or get news about our program.










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