Make Joy

Encountering Heaven in Rwanda
by Addie Pascal

“Father Ubald held his chin and furrowed his brow. Several moments passed as he considered our request. Traveling with kids is not a common practice for him, and we knew we were throwing him a curveball here.

“Yes!” Came his response, emphatically. “We shall go and make joy for the children!”

Relief washed over us. We suspected spending the day at a pool and playground for the kids was probably not in the original itinerary he’d created for us, but our kids had been going hard and they needed a break from all the adult stuff. They needed to get out of the car. They needed to stop being shooshed. They needed to run and play. In essence, they needed to make joy.

Make joy.

Father Ubald used this phrase many times while we were with him and I couldn’t love it more. It is both participatory and intentional. Joy doesn’t just happen to you; you have to get off your butt and do something about it! And if anyone knows how to make joy, it’s the Rwandans…”

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