Meet JOY! Part 3

JOY staffers are valuable contributors to our church family during summer. This year especially, camp could not happen without their adaptability, commitment, and care to JOY’s mission and to the campers and families they work with.

We’re continuing the “Meet JOY!” series with a spotlight on 4 more counselors – meet Bubblegum, Rafael, Beat Box and Neb below!

My name’s Ashley, but I go by “Bubblegum” at camp! I’m the counselor for the 5 year old’s and I’m from North Carolina. I’m passionate about traveling (I’ve been to 22 countries), enjoy baking cookies, and am obsessed with cats. I love working at this fun Joy Summer Camp!

Hello, my name is Matias Encina (Rafael at camp), I am from Chile, I’m a program staff and this is my 3rd summer working for Joy Summer Camp.

My name is Beat Box (Emily Mahood) and I am currently a junior studying Civil Engineering at the University of Wyoming. This is my third summer working at joy summer camp. Some of my favorite things to do outside of summer camp are hike, mountain bike, swim, ski, paddleboard on the lake and pretty much do anything outdoors!I’m so excited for this summer at Joy Camp, it’s been amazing so far!

Hi! I am Ben “Neb” Blount, a program staff at JOY Summer camp. As a long time PCJH goer and an up and coming Junior at JHHS, many of you probably already know me, if only in passing. I have been involved with JOY Summer camp for the past three summers, starting out as a junior counselor and ending up as a program staff this year. As a program staff I make and lead activities for JOY Jr. (4 and 5 year olds). Outside of JOY I work in the A/V booth for our Sunday service, bringing good audio and a smooth stream for all (when it goes well). When I am not participating at PCJH I am doing robotics in JHHS’s FRC program, where I am one of the captains, more specifically, a programming captain.

We feel so blessed by the awesome crew God has called to invest here this summer! Please continue holding the JOY staff in your prayers as they work through each day and each week with enthusiasm, courage and dedication.

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