Story of Transformation: A Living Faith

Stories of Transformation: How Has PCJH Shaped Your Life?
by Cindy Dahlin, Church Administrator

After moving from New Jersey to Jackson, WY in 1990, I looked in our local Yellow Pages for the address of the Presbyterian Church, only to find that the nearest one was Billings, MT. Having been raised in a family with generations of Presbyterian backgrounds, we were left with church-hopping in Jackson until the New Church Development brought Rev. Paul Hayden to town.  I missed the first service of PCJH at Davey Jackson Elementary, but attended the second service – and all those to follow.  During the familiar doxology, I stood and had instantaneous goosebumps. . . I had come home to the worship I loved.

The surprising element for me was, although I was baptized, confirmed, married, had served and worshipped in the Presbyterian faith, it was not until PCJH that I experienced what having a true and intimate relationship with Jesus Christ meant. A minister who played the guitar and introduced me to praise music, fellowshipping with a community of believers, vibrant sermons and studies, brought me across the threshold of experiencing a living worship and then living out my faith. I became more confident in sharing my faith and also realizing my own growth never ceases. Worship went from being a noun to a verb. Thank you, PCJH, for all you have done for me and my family. And thank you, Jesus Christ, for revealing yourself to me through so many of your people here at this church.

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