Taking Wisdom From the Vines

Reflections Before Take Off
by Addie Pascal

When I was about 8 months pregnant with Nina, I seriously considered having a t-shirt made (a very LARGE t-shirt) that read: “Yes, I’m pregnant. I am due August 25. No, it’s not twins. Yes, it’s a girl. Yes, I checked the Chinese lunar calendar to be sure. No, this is only my first cup of coffee. Yes, I look tired because I am so very tired. Someone come finish my shift while I take an epic nap.”

Heading out on an international adventure with 3 kids for 10 weeks is a lot like preparing for the birth of your first child. You do everything you can, read the books and the blogs, go to the classes and make all the plans. But when it comes right down to it, you really don’t know if you’re ready until you go live. Of course, you are more than ready. But lots of things (and sometimes people) tell you you aren’t. Honestly, when are you ever ready for something you’ve never done before? It’s in the leap toward faith that you realize you’ll regret infinitely more the things you choose not to do than the things you choose to do…

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