What is Blue Christmas?

by Rev. Ben Pascal

This Sunday, December 22nd, at 5:00pm PCJH will be hosting a Blue Christmas service in the Dahlquist Chapel. All are welcome.

You may be wondering what takes place at a Blue Christmas service. Will we be singing Elvis Presley’s famous song? Nope.

Blue Christmas is a service of lamentation, healing, and hope. It is a time when we acknowledge together as a church family, that for some, Christmas is a difficult time of year.  This service is intentionally offered during the darkest days of the year in December around the winter solstice. Perhaps you or someone you know in our congregation or community is walking through a difficult time in life: the loss of a loved one, divorce, illness, loneliness, disappointment, or feelings of despair or hopelessness. This service is for you, whether you are feeling blue or not. Let us gather together as the Body of Christ to support one another.

The Book of Psalms has been likened to The Blues. It is a compilation of writings in the Old Testament that approach God with raw honesty, emotion, feelings of immense joy and immense sorrow. Some of the psalms are considered psalms of lament. They were meant to be sung and they always include a complaint coupled alongside words of hope.  We will share in this ancient practice on Sunday night by expressing our sorrows, our questions, and our disappointments with God as we reflect on a psalm. We will also express our hope and trust in God’s goodness, faithfulness and love.

You can expect a contemplative service with candles, music, silence, healing prayer, and a short message. Come alone or invite a friend. This is a time for the church to be there for one another.

May the peace of Christ be with you,


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