What is your Mission?

Lessons from Mongolia
by Amanda Lack, Little Lambs Preschool Director

I recently had the opportunity to travel to the country of Mongolia and love on people. The team I was with partnered alongside a local church there in the capital city of Ulaanbaatar. We went out each day with a ferocity to do whatever the Lord was asking of us. Our days included things like playing with children from an orphanage and bringing them needed supplies. Hosting a city-wide youth night for local young adults to come together and worship (in a country that’s only 2% Christian). Going to the countryside where nomadic people wander the land in a way that’s reminiscent of life 100 years ago- on horseback and living in gerr homes that can be uprooted and moved at any time and praying with them for whatever needs they mentioned. The team went to a university and passed out flyers for church on Sunday where we had a service for adults and a special kids church event. There were also a few days of loving on the staff of the local church, just reassuring them in ministry and offering them encouragement and refreshment to keep on doing the work they’ve been called to do. Another day was getting a special permit for our team to go into one of the city dumps – where people literally are living – and give them food and pray with them.

Since the trip to Mongolia was classified as “a mission trip”, it got me thinking about being mission-minded and what that actually means in a practical day-to-day way.

“So what is your mission in life?” It’s a deep question that to truly answer may take time of reflection and thought… or not; let me explain.

Business have a mission statement, many families have a mission, written down or not. A mission is something we’re directing our time and energy towards, it’s an important assignment, a goal or a target we try to hit. Missions we’re aiming for guide our decision-making process.  Why are missions important? They give us purpose. While I had two weeks of Mongolia missions, that can’t be the only time I’m mission-minded, right?

To sum up the Bible in four words, “Love God, love people.” When we think about the life of Jesus – our ultimate example – is that not what He did with His time on earth? I want to live my life being mission-minded, I want to have a mission always in front of me that I’m purposefully carrying out. While there will always be broad missions such as raising our kids right, doing our best in our jobs, loving our spouse and leaving a legacy, I want to leave you with a challenge today, to always have a seemingly smaller and specific mission in front of you that will change and shift as life changes and shifts. I challenge you to have the mission of loving your neighbor; if they are going through something hard, take them a meal or mow their yard. If a friend gets a promotion at work, take them out to celebrate and be genuinely happy (even if you’ve been waiting for years for your own promotion). If an aging family member seems lonely, go visit them and just practice the art of listening. If your child hasn’t cleaned up their room you’ve asked them to at least 8 times, make a window of time where you help coach them through what’s really going on and then celebrate the victory when it’s finally done. Simply be Jesus to people in a practical way!  

Whether you’re across the globe or under your own roof, there is always a mission opportunity right in front of you – take it. Jesus completed the mission of His Father Who sent Him, then did it again and again with each new thing He faced. I dare you to take these on with patience and grace and watch what the Lord will do with your obedience!

What’s your mission today?

The gerr district where the team walked and prayed for people.

The team praying over those living in the dump.

A lady from the countryside, who welcomed the team into her gerr with horse soup!

Photos from Mongolia provided by Amanda Lack.

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